African Drum and Dance Study tour

Ghana, West Africa


Study Tour

African Drum & Dance Study Tour


All year around study tour 

What to expect


An epic cultural development tour that will change your life.
Special invitation to students from all the over the world to come and join our three-week African drum and dance cultural study program with master renowned drummers, dancers, percussionists and music teachers from Ghana, West Africa.

With daily dance and drum sessions, students will be guided through learning dances that accompany the rhythms taught by the drummers.The dances originate from many Ghanaian ethnic groups, with the blend of ancient and contemporary grooves that are part of everyday ceremony and customs across Ghana`s coastal,mountain and northern Region.

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One Spirit Africa
One Spirit Africa

What to expect

Unforgettable Experience

The traditional African drumming led our master drummers from Ghana. Through this unique and fun learning expeience,participants will be taught a range of tradtional rhythms specific to many Ghanaian ethnic groups, and rhythms of neighboring countries in West Africa played on djembe,dundun and kpalogo drums. Students will have the opportunity to engage with local living such as cooking, sharing traditional cuisine, experience local markets and public transport(Trotro), and have local garments tailored, as well as travel to Ghana`s most beautful and fascinating locations, including beaches, historic sites, waterfalls, and national parks

Tour Information

Tour Date

Annual tours are held in July to coincide with Nungua Traditional Festival and Mala Majo Peace Festival.

Tour Package

Accommodation, breakfast and dinner, excursions and tuition.
Instruments will be provided to all students or purchase your drum which you are entitled to take back home with you.


$2,800. 00 AUD for three weeks/ $ 1900. 00 AUD for two weeks/ $ 1000 AUD for one week.

Private Classes

(Optional): Students can take private lessons of any traditional instrument they want to learn and all private drum and dance classes in addtion to the group tuition at their own expense.